Rev. Harold (Hal) Shafer

 Program Director, Children & Family Activities

  Chancel Choir Director
Cheryl Geigler

Harriet Schaadt

Office Manager
Annette Krick

     Maintenance Superintendent
Jeff Young

Class of 2018

Class of 2019

Board of Session

Class of 2020
  Pam Purmort

Billy Knoll

Christine Heizman (clerk)

Seth Baker


Board of Trustees  
Bob Exline(Pres)

Leslie Wilkin

John Purmort
Randy Baer


Tim Purmort (V. Pres)


Board of Deacons  
Jo Conover
Michelle White
Barb Everidge
Dan Everidge
Lois Harrow
Doug Parrish
Glo Parrish
Harriet Schaadt



Session Committee Assignments for 2017

Worship Committee – Seth Baker
Nominating Committee -Seth Baker
Mission Committee
Stewardship Committee – Billy Knoll
Memorial Committee – Pam Purmort
Personnel- Pam Purmort
Christian Education – Christine Heizman
Seth Baker
Budget Committee
Elder Commissioner to Presbytery

Treasurer: Mark White

Personnel:  Diana Early

Clerk:  Christine Heizman

Boy Scout Rep: Fred Early








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