Van Wert First Presbyterian Church Annual Report






I liken this year to a realization, by that I mean like Bob Dylan said, “Times are ah changing.”  We must realize we are also.  The realization I’m talking about, is an understanding that together, in unity; we can accomplish anything through Christ who strengthens us.  As we journeyed through 2017 the realization that became obvious was that we needed to do something and that doing something is better than doing nothing. This was in regards to unifying our church and giving it hope.  We’d seemed to be like fish out of water. 


This happened with our attendance and decline in committees.  It was evident that there were some frightened from all those we’d lost in the past two years through the funerals conducted.  The decline of our congregation concerned many.  Remember last year in the 2016 annual report I quoted Joshua 1:9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9 In 2016 I emphasized be courageous and we were for 2017. Our church pulled together,   It was the greatest I’d ever seen everyone work together.  I’m going to give a synopsis of that last five years to show the Holy Spirit has not left us as It gave us courage to be who we are.


In 2015’s report we had a lot of miracles unfold in front of us through the year. The emphasis on growing our souls, prayer and a trustful faith through promises were given us in Jesus.  It was evident.  There were five dysfunctions preached on that enabled us to understand what we needed not do; observing the miracles God gifted us as He journeyed with us.


In looking over the 2014 report we had worked together and displayed a caring heart to one another and those we helped.  I emphasized we had partnered together for the past three-and-a-half years and how sure we all were the Holy Spirit was teaching us the Lord’s grace.


In 2013 I emphasized the exciting time it was for ample opportunity.  We were disciplined and wanted a more family-oriented demeanor in our congregation even with the naughty row evolving in the choir.  I spoke of a strong demeanor of growing our church and displayed how the committees were displaying the desire to grow.  We had good teams and they were working hard. Just as we still do today.


2012 was a year we had experienced growth spurts and I attributed it to the winds of the Holy Spirit and the congregation’s heart.  We witnessed the will of God in our children and our spirituality began to flourish. Remember Jesus said, “Unless you become like these children you won’t inherit the Kingdom.”


My synopsis of the last five years of ministry with Van Wert First Presbyterian seemed safe and secure, but in essence 2017 was a year of realization for us all.  I had conducted funerals for a lot of our solid pillars in the congregation and that frightened our church.  In as much as the Lord took His own back home, they are still very much missed and we can see it in our worship and church life.  But as fortune would have it our Lord blessed us with an understanding, and the greatest decision of 2017 to contract with The Armstrong Group - TAG.  With our heart-felt desire to unlock the doors that will present themselves in 2018, I pray we will work to benefit God’s church that our Father in Heaven has given us to run, and make it flourish with new families and many children. It is something we can achieve.  Let the past five years be the learning spectrum we now can look into to receive the newness our Lord has planned for us.  Open your hearts with the humility of Christ and let us make the transition from the realization that we wish to help our Lord unfold the newness he is ready to give us. May the strides we made in the past reflect our faithfulness, that is still unfolding in us all, to open the gifts that will be bestowed in 2018.


In our God’s Newness and Loving Embrace,


Rev. Hal Shafer





Class of 2017 - Christine Heizman, Seth Baker, Bill Knoll

Class of 2018 -  Mary Deitsch, Lynn Warren

Class of 2019 - Pam Purmort, Felicia Quaintance


The Session met at 11 regular meetings in 2017, not meeting in the month of July.  The Session met for a joint meeting with the personnel committee on October 3, 2017.  Session met in a special meeting on 10/7/2017, 10/17/2017.  There was a congregational meeting on 4/2/2017 to approve the Annual Reports. 


Session members open each meeting with prayer and a devotional to be discussed.  The devotionals are geared to have members discuss how to be good leaders through faith.


Reports are from the committees and session members are submitted prior to the meetings so that a packet of information can be put together and reviewed prior to the meetings. If there are no matters to be brought before the session or that need a motion, then session moves on to the next report.  This assists in keeping the meetings at a reasonable time limit.


Session has worked this year with the Trustees and Budget to get our per capita issue of payment taken care.  There has been an issue with this in the past and we are working to resolve this in the future.


Session accepted the Elder resignations of Mary Dietsch, Lynn Warren, and Felicia Quaintance Jones during 2017.  Each member is truly missed on the board.


Session accepted the resignation of our CCE Director Felicia Quaintance Jones on 10/7/2017.  The position was not refilled at this time due to wanting to visualize what that position should entail in the church.  Personnel is working to redesign the job description and plans to hire a full-time person in the future.


Session through many months of discussion made the recommendation to hire TAG Consulting to work with us to develop a vision and begin building the young families and youth programs.  After much discussion it was felt that as a Session we did not have the expertise or time to lead the church in this process.  A contract was signed on 11/15/17 with TAG to begin the process in January. 


Session members have served as liturgist, committee representatives, and communion servers throughout the year. 


The Session is grateful to all those who volunteer their time to serve the church by the giving of their talents and service to our community. 


Respectfully submitted,


Christine Heizman, Clerk of Session. 










Members of Personnel Committee:

Dianna Early, Chairperson                                    John Purmort

Pam Purmort                                                 Becky Runser


The Personnel Committee is responsible for the oversight of the paid staff of the church; to give the Session an organized and efficient way of fulfilling its responsibilities to and for all church employees; to provide support, counsel and evaluation for the staff.


This year was an unusual year for Personnel as the resignations of Choir Director, Office Manager and Children Program Director were accepted.  Times have certainly changed over the years as to how an employer advertises for a prospective employee and how prospective employees seek employment.


The committee advertised the Choir Director position in four local news publications, which is very costly.  This is the reason that the line item for advertising was (see e-mail version) over budget.  Positions were advertised through social media and other web sites.  Thankfully, through word of mouth the committee received several resumes for the Choir Director position.   Cheryl Gigler was hired at the end of August.


Donna Long resigned in July due to her family moving back to Kentucky.  Annette Knick began in mid-August.  Wouldn’t you know it, but the computer in the office decided to give up the ghost her first week.  Even after three long weeks of computer issues at first Annette continues to fill the position of Office Manager.


The position of Children Program Director is unfilled currently due to coming changes in that position.  The Personnel Committee and Session are in the process of revising the position and job description.

All annual employee reviews were completed the last week of August and the first week of September.  The 90-day reviews for Annette Krick and Cheryl Gigler were completed in late fall.


Our church and congregation are truly blessed to have dedicated staff members, who work well together and fulfill their employment obligations with heart felt love for our Lord. 


The Personnel 2018 budget has a slight increase of (see e-mail version) compared to the 2017 budget.  The increase is for the line item for pulpit supply; an increase in the line item for relief organist; an increase to line item for relief secretary and an average increase of 3% to four employees.


I would like to thank the committee members for their service as it has been a pleasure working with them.


Respectfully submitted,


Dianna Early







This past year the committee spent a lot of time deciphering the “book” in the office that contains all church information since inception.  The book includes all members past and present, all pastors, marriages, baptisms and deaths/funerals.


Throughout the years, several hands have touched the book and it is a bit confusing.  Our goal is by end of year 2018, to have this book brought up to date.  This will give us a true membership total and allow us to preserve our old records as well as keeping the new ones on track.


Much of this work including past trends and decline/increase in membership will help us considerably as we move forward with TAG Consulting to grow our church and explore new programs aimed at key demographics.


Below are the year 2017 statistics:

New Membership:    0

Marriages:    0   

Baptisms:     1    (Calen James Profit)

Funerals:      11   (8 members, 3 *non-members)

                                Joan Eggerss Wilkinson  1/30/2017

                                Barb Pressar  2/9/2017

                                *Louise Perry  2/16/2017

                                Elmer Adams  2/17/2017

                                Patricia Sue Eleyet  3/27/2017

                                Joseph Eachus  5/19/2017

                                Wayne Warren  5/20/2017

                                *Walter Kuhlhorst  6/14/2017

                                *Helen Dotson  9/1/2017

                                Alfred Vandersommen  9/23/2017

                                Benjamin Harris  12/4/2017


Pledging was down considerably for the upcoming year 2018.  I am including a 3 year look-back as a reference.

2018 Pledges

     (see e-mail version)

2017 Pledges

      (see e-mail version)

2016 Pledges

              (see e-mail version)


Please keep Session and all committee members in your prayers this year as we move forward with new programs for growth opportunities.  I look forward to serving the Lord and all my fellow congregation members this upcoming year 2018 in a Session and Stewardship role.  Thank you all for your support and assistance as needed!


Respectfully submitted and in Christ’s work,


Billy Knoll

Board of Session member and Chair of Stewardship Committee



Members:                   Position:                                         

Wayne Warren         President Trustees, Cmte Ex-Officio

Robert Exline            Vice Pres. Trustees, Memorial Cmte Chair, Budget Cmte

Leslie Wilkin             Secretary Trustees, Voucher Audit, Budget Cmte

Terry Dietsch                        House Cmte Chair

Randy Baer             House Committee

Chad Crosby                        Fell Fund Member



Board representatives served, Memorial Endowment Fund, Fell Fund, Nominating, Personnel, Budget Committees, and attended Session Meetings.  Documented joint meeting(s) with the Session were held as required. Trustees also hosted the July 13 VBS Dinner.  Meetings were held the second Wednesday of each Month @ 5:30 pm. Minutes recorded, approved and filed.


The Annual Financial Review and modifications to the QuickBooks Software continues to be tweaked to provide us better detail and accuracy.  A new account was set up to handle the Johnson Farm operations.  The Trustees also approved of the written guidelines for the Johnson Farm Management Committee. Our Trustee Wayne Warren passed and Vice President Bob Exline took over his position. Our Church Secretary, Donna Long resigned in July and new Secretary Annette Krick was hired. We also approved the hiring of a new Choir Director.


Monthly Custodial Reports were reviewed, action items completed and recorded


Our Church facilities as well as the Manse are in constant need of upkeep.  We had an estimate to paint some areas of the Manse for $1,973.00.  Work on the Church is always one of the major responsibilities of the Trustees. Church repairs and inspections (elevators, HVAC, Fire extinguishers, organ and piano) were documented.


In July we had a lot of discussion on the outstanding Per Capita invoice of (see e-mail version) from our Presbytery.  The Trustees approved a payment of (see e-mail version) to be paid this year and plans to budget and pay the balance in 2018.


The budget for 2018 was developed by the Budget Committee and approved by the Board of Trustees and Session, and voted on affirmatively by the Congregation.   


At the end of our year, Trustee Terry Dietsch’ s 2nd term was up, and his duties were assigned to Randy Bear. Tim Purmort volunteered to take another term as Trustee for 2018.  We have only 4 Trustees for 2018.


The investment portfolio, managed by IAB Wealth Management has continued to do well for our Memorial Endowment Trust.   We continue to look at other options that might be able to reduce our investment fund fees and therefore increase the income from this account to our general operations.


The Trustees also thank those not mentioned above who have donated their time, talents and resources to the maintenance and upkeep of the First Presbyterian Church of Van Wert.  Our meetings are open – we encourage attendance and participation. 


Respectfully submitted,

Bob Exline, Chairman



The 2017 Worship Committee was chaired by Seth Baker (Session Representative). Members included Anna Baker (Bell Choir Director), Dewaine Johnson (Audio Visual Representative), Harriet Schaadt (Music Coordinator and Organist), David Van Tilburg and Cheryl Gigler (Choir Directors), and Pastor Hal Shafer. The committee met on the first Wednesday of every month.

The Committee reviewed and filled Pulpit Supply needs as requested by Pastor Hal Shafer. The Worship Committee approved and coordinated twelve Communion services in 2017. Monthly liturgist schedules were also coordinated between the Worship Committee and Session members.

The Worship Committee kept a working worship calendar and discussed lectionary text, worship themes, special music, order of service, bulletins, and other special worship needs for each service. The committee planned and coordinated fifty-six worship services. Special services included the New Year’s Day service in Scott Chapel, Boy Scout Sunday, Ash Wednesday service in the Chapel, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday Tenebrae Dinner Service in the Fellowship Hall, Mother’s Day, Graduation Sunday, Father’s Day, Pentecost Sunday, 500th Anniversary of Reformation Sunday and Celebratory Lunch, Thanksgiving Sunday, Christ The King Sunday, Advent Sundays, Morning Christmas Eve Devotional Service in Fellowship Hall, Christmas Eve Service in the Sanctuary, and the New Year’s Eve service in the Chapel.

The Committee led the acquisition process of new hymnals through third Sunday loose offering collections. These hymnals were purchased in 2017 and were dedicated for use on March 5, 2017. The Committee recommended that remaining 2017 third Sunday loose offering collections be directed to the Audio Visual Committee to be used for equipment upgrades.

The Worship Committee coordinated flowers, palms, greenery, and other worship aides during worship services. Fresh flowers were in place for the first Sunday of Lent. They remained in place through the season as a reminder that we are to die to ourselves. They were refreshed on Easter morning as a sign of resurrected life. Palms were purchased and used for Palm Sunday, Special flowers at Easter, including flowers used for the “Flowering of the Cross”. Carnations were acquired for Mother’s Day to be distributed to each mother figure in attendance and Ice Cream Certificates were purchased to be distributed to father figures on Father’s Day. Volunteers coordinated and arranged seasonal harvest decorations in the Sanctuary for Thanksgiving Sunday. The Committee coordinated both the Hanging and Boxing of the Greens for Christmas.

Respectfully submitted,

Seth A. Baker




          The Deacons of The First Presbyterian Church of Van Wert met nine times in 2017.  Throughout that time the temporal needs of the congregation were met with forty-nine cards sent, communion set up each month, six funeral dinners served, money given to a member in need, and to hospice and The Presbyterian Relief Fund.  In addition, items for the kitchen were purchased, including a new cart, a microwave, two stools, new knives, new candles and flowers for funeral dinners, and communion supplies.


Submitted by,

Douglas Parrish, President






The Soup Kitchen serves free lunch meals every weekday year around. During 2017 they served over 45,000 meals to people from Lima and surrounding area.  Funds for the facilities operations costs of over $100,000 per year are provided entirely by donations of area churches, individuals, businesses, and organizations. No government funding or support of any kind is accepted. Our 2017 Mission Committee budget included - see e-mail version.


Our monthly serving day is fourth Wednesday of each month. During 2017 volunteers from our church have served 1,739 meals. Our congregation secured and donated 65 bags of clothing and blankets, 14 bags of food items, plus personal hygiene items. Plus twice during the year we cooked, shredded, and froze turkeys for the soup kitchen.


19 Volunteers serving from our church during 2017 were:

Diana Crow, Louie Crow, Terry Dietsch, Dianna Early, Fred Early, Barbara Everidge, Dan Everidge, Rex Fortney, Lois Harrow, Joyce Harrow, Earl Green, Mary Kay Purmort, Pam Purmort, Leslie Wilkin, Michelle White, Dottie Zabicki, and Jerry Agler, Matt Dods, Janet Crummey and Carolyn Mathews from the Lima Market Street Presbyterian Church. 5 or 6 volunteer servers is the need each monthly serving day.


The Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen on Central Ave in Lima continues as an outreach ministry of 50 churches in the area surrounding Lima. The ministry feeds both body and spirit of people in our area.  A Scripture lesson, and prayer precede the serving of the meal.  The Director, Site Manager, and Head Cook are the only paid employees. All the other cooks, servers, maintenance, clean up, are all volunteers. Some of the volunteers have served daily for over 17 years. Servers for each meal are volunteers from the supporting churches, youth groups, and community.


Generous special support made it possible for much needed kitchen, dining room, and restroom, updating and remodeling. Also during the year, the Soup Kitchen completed the additions of a larger, secure, dry goods storage area, and a large commercial walk in refrigerator and a walk in commercial freezer. Increased and regular donations of frozen, dry, and fresh food supplies, has kept storage full. Money donations this year have met the needs of operating the facilities. The clothing donation room and racks have been remodeled and organized by age and gender. No clothing donations are wanted at this time as the clothing supply exceeds the need at this time, Other supply needs of the Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen include, personal hygiene items such as bath soap, tooth paste, brushes, shampoo, feminine supplies and food items of noodles, rice, pasta, cookies, coffee, and kitchen items such as aluminum foil, and paper towels.  As donated supplies received at the church office during the month they are stored in the Missions closet in the basement and taken to the soup kitchen on the 4th Wednesday serving day.


Fred Early, Missions Committee



In February 2017, the Van Wert Salvation Army began serving a community free noon meal every Wednesday. The meal is prepared and served in their new facility located at 120 North Cherry St., Van Wert, 11:00AM – 12:30PM.


The beginning meal in February served 16 people. The weekly service has steadily increased over the months to 45 -50 people. We look forward to the number of people being served each week to continue to increase. On our monthly serving day, “the 2nd Wednesday of each month”, we have served a total of 421 meals. 


Our Missions Committee agreed to provide 4 – 5 volunteer servers on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Helping the 3 volunteers who serve every week, on our day we help with final meal prep, serving, dishwashing, and clean up. The time serving has proved to be a fun time of fellowship as well as Christian service. It is a wonderful opportunity to joyfully share Christian love with our hands and spirit.


20 Volunteer servers from our church during the year include: Carol Blair, Jo Conover, Louie Crow, Susan Darrah, Fred Early, Cherrie Evans, Barbara Everidge, Dan Everidge, Rex Fortney, Earl Green, Lois Harrow, Joyce Harrow, Shirley Hillier, Doug Parrish, Glo Parrish, John Purmort, Mary Kay Purmort, Michelle White, Leslie Wilkin, and Dottie Zabicki.


We are presently helping in the planning of a project to remodel the dishwashing area, improving the disposal, sink, dishwasher, and drying equipment placement.  The objective is for the project to be completed in March 2018.


The Van Wert Salvation Army Wednesday noon community meal is a growing local mission that we are pleased to support. Outside of the meal serving support our Church Mission Budget for 2017 included  (see e-mail version)    for the Van Wert Salvation Army.


Fred Early

Missions Committee





 “Your standing as a Scout does not depend so much on the skills of your hands or the badges on your merit badge sash, as in the spirit in your heart-on what you are willing to do for others, on whether you are doing your very best to live the Scout Oath and Scout Law.” - Boy Scout Handbook, 6th edition.


Cub Scout Pack 35  Cubmaster Jodi Brummette, Pack Chairman Rhonda Foster

Our Cub Scout Pack 35 has been one of our community youth outreach programs since 1939.  Our Cub Scout program is a Family oriented involving boys ages 7 -10 and their parents in activities, practical skills and confidence, and character building experiences.


21 Cub Scouts, their families and leaders enjoyed a fun filled, busy 2016 -2017 program year.  Each month the cubs and families were busy with educational fun family outings, weekly work on skill badges, and character building projects. The Cub Pack leaders and parents worked well together planning the program themes and activities well in advance. Several Webelos Scouts completed the requirements for the Arrow of Light Award and graduated into Boy Scout Troop 35.  Tiger Cubs, Wolf’s, and Bears completed their rank and badge requirements.


In addition to the weekly den meetings, monthly Pack meetings, and family outings, highlight activities of the year included:

During February Cubs and Leaders participated in our Scout Sunday Worship Service. The annual Pinewood Derby race was held with 26 cars competing and 80 people in attendance. Over 100 people attended the annual “Blue and Gold” Awards and Recognition Banquet. Webelos Scouts who had completed the Arrow of Light Award crossed over into Boy Scout Troop 35 in a special ceremony.


In March the cub scouts collected 75 bags (622 food items) in the Scouting for food drive. A community service project was helping the city parks dept prepare and conduct the annual kids Easter Egg hunt.


In June, cubs and leaders marched in the Peony Parade with the First Presbyterian Church Cub Scout Pack 35 float.


Our Cub Scouts and families enjoyed a busy summer with camp programs at Scout Camp Lakota, Defiance, Ohio. Cub Scout Day Camp; Mom and Me weekend camp; Dad and Lad weekend camp; and Webelos Camp.


In September Cub Pack families an activity packed weekend camp out with our Boy Scout Troop 35 at Camp Lakota.


During September and October they collected animal care supplies for the Van Wert Humane Shelter.


A “Polar Bear Camp In” program was held in the Fellowship hall in December.


Boy Scout Troop 35. Scoutmaster Warren Straley; Committee Chairman Larry Taylor

Our Boy Scout Troop 35 has been providing character building, leadership experiences and training continuously since 1924. Troop 35 is one of the premier Scout Troops in Northwest Ohio.


Each month of the year contained a purposeful weekend outing. After a busy winter and spring program, in June the troop enjoyed a week of summer camp at Camp Lakota near Defiance, Ohio. July found the troop white water rafting and wilderness camping in West Virginia.  Program themes on the outings included outdoor skills, conservation, Ohio history, geology, personal fitness, leadership skills, water sports, and service to others.


Scout Taylor Braun completed and was presented the Eagle Scout Award in impressive Eagle Scout Courts of Honor. Most of the scouts advanced a rank upon completion of badge and rank requirements involving life skills, leadership skills, and service to others.


The Scout Sunday worship service in February was well attended with a full sanctuary of congregation and scout families. We received many compliments of ‘well done” after the service conducted by Rev. Shafer, scouts, and leaders.


Service projects worked for the church included helping with spring yard cleanup of members of our congregation needing help; Cleaning trash from 400 miles of county roads during April and May. Work with the mission committee preparing for the yard sale weekend. Cleaning the many outside church window wells, they collected 51 bags of food (412 food items) during the Scouting for Food Drive in March. In the fall they helped the Downtown Agency install Christmas decorations in the city park. In November our Scouts and leaders participated with The Orchard Tree Restaurant in a community service project raising  (see e-mail version)    with which they purchased Christmas presents for kids listed on three area churches Angel Trees. Another community service project was being “Red Kettle Bell Ringers” at the Chief Super Market for the Salvation Army.


December 16th our Scouts and others from Van Wert County troops participated in Van Wert’s annual “Wreaths Across America” ceremonies held at Woodland Cemetery, placing wreaths on the graves of veterans.


Our Boy Scout Troop meets every Tuesday evening and enjoys a major outing activity each month.


Reported by Fred Early

Chartered Organization Representative







The Memorial Committee met quarterly and is pleased to report good investment results for the year as follows:


Memorial Endowment began the year with a market value of (see e-mail version)     and ended the year with a market value of  (see e-mail version)   . Additionally, the fund was able to distribute (see e-mail version)     to the church general fund.


Johnson Scholarship began the year with a market value of  (see e-mail version)    and ended the year with a market value of (see e-mail version)    . Additionally,  (see e-mail version)    was distributed to the church for scholarship use this year.


Wollenhaupt Scholarship began the year with a market value of (see e-mail version)     and ended the year with a market value of  (see e-mail version)   . Additionally,  (see e-mail version)     was distributed to the church for scholarship use this year.


The committee continues to investigate ways to maximize return without increasing risks to the funds.

 (see e-mail version)    





The members of the audio/video committee and operators are Dewaine Johnson, Ann Ayres, Roger Neville, Chris Heizman, and Randy Baer.  Special and continued recognition is given to Jeff Dietsch, formal church member for rejoining as an operator during health concerns of the chair during the spring. A big thank you goes out to Chris Heizman for taking over the chair duties from April until the end of July.


The committee met and made arrangements for equipment repairs (blue handheld microphone) by Sweetwater Sound. Supplies were also purchased as needed. The committee also visited Sweetwater Sound in Fort Wayne, Indiana and discussed new sound board options along with adding wireless microphones systems including costs and models.


Audio and/or Video Services were provided for but not limited to the following:


                     Sunday Morning Worship Services

                     Funeral; Wayne Warren; May 20th

                     Funeral; Alfred Vandersommen; September 23rd

                     Christmas Eve Service


The Audio/Video Committee produced a DVD of each worship service, which was delivered by the video operator for broadcast on cable channel 6. The service is first broadcast on Thursday at 12:00 noon and repeated again the following Sunday at 11:00 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. The Committee also saves the service on a DVD recorder hard drive and DVD as a backup. The audio portion only is recorded on a computer hard drive, which can be made into an audio CD.  The channel 6 broadcast schedule can be found at:


Video on demand streaming can be viewed by going to the church’s web site at: and click the recent services link




The committee completed the following work and projects in 2017:


1.            Duplicated DVD’s as requested.

2.            Continued working on improving communication efforts within church. Audio Video is represented on Worship Committee by Dewaine Johnson.

3.         Dewaine Johnson and Chris Heizman continued to schedule monthly audio/video operators and coordinated technical requirements for services.

4.         Attempted to recruit additional audio/video operators throughout the year.

5.         Roger Neville maintained and updated audio/video computers. Mr. Neville also donated 5 

           lap top computers for a new total of 7.



Audio/Video (general operating)               Audio/Video (Enhancement) Designated Fund

  (see e-mail version)   

I would like to thank each committee member and operator for his or her dedicated work and volunteering their time and talents in service to our church in God’s work. The committee volunteered many hours in 2017.


The audio/video committee welcomes anyone who has any interest to join us in volunteering some of your time and talent to help us improve the audio/video experience in the church.  The committee would welcome an opportunity to train an additional audio operator in 2018.  For more information, contact Dewaine Johnson at 419 238-3194 or


Respectfully submitted,

Dewaine Johnson, A/V Committee Chairperson






The committee consisted of eight committee members for the year.  Will Hawkins served as president of the committee with other members filling in as secretary.  CCE Director Felicia Quaintance served as monitor for the committee.


The CCE Director requested a six week leave of absence July 17, 2017 to September 11, 2017.  She wanted time off to plan her wedding in October. 


On October 4, 2017, our CCE Director resigned her position with the church. 


CCE Programs and Activities:


Junior Church and Nursery:

Junior Church is provided during the worship service for those children ages 4 through 5th grade.  Those children participate in the church service through the offertory, then leave for a church lesson until the end of the service.  Nursery is provided for those 3 and younger to interact with each other. 


JAM (Afterschool Youth Program)

Jam operated from January 18, 2017 to April 12, 2017 with the theme “The Kings of Israel”.  Attendance was approximately 30-40 children, ages 4 through fifth grade.


The fall session of JAM was started on September 20, 2017 but ended on October 11, 2017 due to the resignation of our CCE Director and the need to redesign the program.


Easter Egg Hunt

A Easter Egg Hunt was set up for our youth on Palm Sunday (April 2) for their enjoyment.  There was also a covered dish dinner on that Sunday.

 Daddy/Daughter Dance

The Daddy/Daughter Dance was held on May 12 and 13, 2017.  The dance was expanded to two evenings due to the popularity of the activity.  There were approximately 100 daughter/daddy participants per night.  The theme was Mickey and Minnie Mouse with decorations.  Food consisted of fruit trays, chocolate covered pretzels, cookies provided by the church members, and punch.  Pictures were taken of each participant.  Buggy rides were provided for the Saturday night dance.


High School Graduation Sunday

High School Graduation Sunday was May 21, 2017.  Council of Christian Education provided Bibles with their named engraved on them to each of the graduating Seniors. 


Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School was held July 9 through July 13, 2017.  There were approximately 25-30 children participating during the week.  The theme was “Barnyard Buddies”.   The program consisted of a game station, story station, and art station.  Dinner was served each evening, sponsored by one of our church groups.  Trustees, Council of Christian Education, Choir, Deacons, and Session provided yummy food to all those participating.  The last day of Bible School provided the children the opportunity to get wet with a water slide, wading pools, water balloons and water guns.  They had lots of fun.  The culminate the end of Bible School, the children sang in the church service and the CCE Director provided the message for the service.  Following the service, a family picnic was provided on the front lawn with grilled hamburgers, brats, and hotdogs.  A petting zoo was set up for the children to enjoy with sheep, donkeys, camels, and a cow to pet. 


Camp Clay Sponsorship

In working with the Mission Committee, it was requested to help sponsor a day at Camp Clay.  Mission would help provide the funds for 100 children to swim and CCE would provide contact at the event. 


Nut and Candy Sale

The Council of Christian Education provides selling nuts and candy to church members and their friends in the fall.  The sale provides funds to be used at the discretion of the committee.  It has been used for mission services in the past.  The money at this time has not been designated for use. 


Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts

Both these programs are sponsored by the First Presbyterian Church.  Their activities are reported to the committee each month by their church representative Fred Early. 


The Council of Education provided children bibles to those infants/children baptized in the church during the school year. 


Currently the Council of Education Committee is not in operation.  We are in the process of redesigning the job description of the director, so until a new person is hired, leadership is unavailable.  The office of the director is being reorganized and materials sorted.  The plan is to have someone in this position on an interim basis while we go through our church transformation process.  The goal is to get junior church reorganized, bible school planned, and curriculum and materials organized. 


Respectfully Submitted,

Christine Heizman, Session Representative to CCE





This fund is administered by a special committee set up as follows:


                  1 Representative elected from and by the Session for two years

                  1 Representative elected from and by the Trustees for two years

                  2 Representatives-at-large appointed by the Session for two years

                  1 Permanent Representative for the Fell Family


The members of the Committee are:

                 Louis Crow, Chad Crosby, Ed Conover, Robert Exline and Tom Wilkins.


The Fund is invested as follows:


                   Putnam Investors Fund Inc.           

                   Putnam Equity Inc.                          

                   Putnam Multi Cap Growth Fund                                                                                   -----------------

                                 Total Investment                 (see e-mail version)   


There were no requests submitted to the Fell Fund Committee this year.


All requests to the Fell Fund must be detailed and in printed form.


Respectfully submitted,

Louie Crow, Chairman







General Operating Income

            (see e-mail version)

General Operating Expense

            (see e-mail version)



Respectfully submitted,

Annette Krick, Office Manager












1.    Pam Purmort

2.    Billy Knoll




1. Christine Heizman (Clerk)

2. Seth Baker

3. Denise Nicolai





1.    Bob Exline (President)





1.    John Purmort

2.    Randy Baer

3.    Leslie Wilkin



1.    Tim Purmort (Vice-President)







1.    Jo Conover

2.    Michele White






1.    Lois Harrow

2.    Doug Parrish

3.    Glo Parrish

4.    Harriet Schaadt

5.    Dan Everidge

6.    Barb Everidge








Barbara Jean Presar                                   June 22, 1931 – February 3, 2017

Elmer D. Adams                                           July 12, 1931 – February 13, 2017

Patricia Sue Eleyet                                      October 18, 1939 – March 22, 2017

Joseph A. Eachus                                       January 8, 1933 – May 12, 2017

Wayne Warren                                             April 19, 1940 – May 14, 2017

Alfred “Al” Vandersommen                                    August 22, 1924 – August 30, 2017

Martha Louise Walker                                 October 11, 1926 – December 28, 2017