Van Wert First Presbyterian Church

Welcome to our Worship Service on Sunday at 10 am.

 Presbytidings for July

Our Summer Sermon Video Series (click on image):

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In order to have a safe and orderly entrance into the church we will have people  to open the doors.  Masks, gloves and children activity packets will be  directly inside.   The doors we use will be the narthex doors  and the parking lot doors. 


May God bless you as we make this journey, apart, together and apart.


Pastor Dave



Building/Office Protocols    

            Call us before you come. We will open doors for you.   We will meet in the office or the Franz room, whichever is more appropriate.   Mask and gloves should be worn – they will be available as you enter.  

            Pastor Dave’s office hours will be on Tuesday and by appointment. 

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